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Oats, barley, and some products made from them

Cereals (from Ceres, goddess of agricultureCH). The agricultural grains, properly those of the grass family: maize or Indian corn, kafir, wheat, emmer, spelt, rice, oats, barley, rye, sorghum (for grain); popularly held to include buckwheat, but not accurately soCH.

List of Cereals

Major grainswp. All but buckwheat and quinoa are true grasses (these two are pseudocereals).

Maize A staple food of peoples in North America, South America, and Africa and of livestock worldwide; often called "corn" or "Indian corn" in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.
Wheat The primary cereal of temperate regions
Rice[1] The primary cereal of tropical regions
Barley Grown for malting and livestock on land too poor or too cold for wheat
Sorghums Important staple food in Asia and Africa and popular worldwide for livestock
Millets A group of similar but distinct cereals that form an important staple food in Asia and Africa.
Oats Formerly the staple food of Scotland and popular worldwide for livestock
Rye Important in cold climates
Triticale Hybrid of wheat and rye, grown similarly to rye
Buckwheat Used in Europe and Asia. Major uses include various pancakes and groats
Fonio Several varieties of which are grown as food crops in Africa
Quinoa Ancient pseudocereal, grown in the Andes

Maize, wheat and rice, between them, accounted for 87% of all grain production, worldwide, and 43% of all food calories in 2003.[2] Other grains that are important in some places, but that have little production globally (and are not included in FAO statistics), include:

Several other species of wheat have also been domesticated, some very early in the history of agriculture:

Source: Wikipediawp


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