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The men working at one of Britain's heritage charity gardens are being encouraged to pee on straw bale to be added to compost. "Urine has been long-established as a free compost "activator" (aka "liquid gold"), because it's full of nitrogen", according to the trust, and there is an additional savings in water bills since the men no longer need to flush. Women can also add their urine, by using a funnel to collect their pee in a container, then pour it on the straw bale.

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Pee on your compost?
Can my dog pee on it? He does on everything else!

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leaf mold compost ala pee
fill a bag with leaves/ clippings / cuttings and pour up to 2 liters/ one quart any kind of pee. this will break it down in half the ordinary time. also adds nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese etc. MHG

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