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How do you grow aroids especially the Cyrtosperma johnstonii in a tropical zone? What is the best soil and do you keep the plants fertile and growing nicely?
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I'd say humus, decent humidity, warm temperature and a pond would be a good place to start. Keeping it in filtered light would also be advisable, judging by the leaf. That of course though is just from a looking at the single picture on the article.
A quick bit of googling confirmed the above information.
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yes i agree with you, thanks
by the way, coz i lived at surabaya, east java, in my country the best humus that familiar used is dried seeds and rinds of the kapok's tree, This media capable of storing a lot of stagnant water but not the surrounding, and it has a lot of nutrient that good for plant's growth.
so do you have any ideas...what kind of humus that you think it's nice for leaves's growth, as we know that the cyrtosperma johnstonii has a red line in their leaf's veins like an arrow

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