Watering your plants while you're away

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A very helpful article in the LA Times shares different ways you can keep your plants watered while you're away on a trip. We'll have to use some of the information in an article here on Gardenology.org!

They mention the following ways to keep plants watered while you're away:

  • Stakes - these are basically plastic or glass bottles full of water, with the neck of the bottle put in the soil with a small hole, to let the soil draw out water as it needs it. You may have to see the pics to understand what we're talking about here.
  • Hydrogels - these cornstarch-based gels slowly release water out of the gel.
  • DriWater - this product is a vegetable gum compound that is 98% water. As the soil bacteria cause it to decompose, water is released.
  • Wicking - by running an acrylic or nylon string through the soil of a pot as you fill it with potting soil, and running it out the drainage hole, you can put the bottom of the string in a bucket of water place below the level of the pot. The soil should pull up water as it is needed. This is great for planting seedlings, and for watering year round without worrying about the soil drying out or getting too much water!

There are other solutions, like having a friend water, putting your pots under the automatic sprinklers, or popping them into a tray or tub with a bit of water for a few days.

The full article is here, with photos.

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