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An oak tree

A tree is a woody plant that produces one main trunk and a more or less distinct and elevated head.CH

Life cycle

The life cycles of trees, especially conifers, are divided into the following stages in forestry for survey and documentation purposes, though the boundaries between stages vary among foresters:

  1. Seed
  2. Seedling: the above-ground part of the embryo that sprouts from the seed
  3. Sapling: After the seedling reaches 1 m tall, and until it reaches 7 cm in stem diameter
  4. Pole: Trees from 7–30 cm diameter
  5. Mature tree: over 30 cm diameter, reproductive years begin
  6. Old tree: dominate old growth forest; height growth slows greatly, with majority of productivity in seed production
  7. Overmature: dieback and decay become common
  8. Snag: standing dead wood
  9. Log/debris: fallen dead wood


This article contains a definition from the Glossary of Gardening Terms.
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