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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Verbena canadensis, Brit. (Buchnera canadensis, Linn. V. Aubletia, Jacq. V. Aubletia var. Drummondii, Lindl. V . Drummondii, Hort. V. Lambertii, Sims. V. montana, Hort., in part). Fig. 3912. Perennial, pubescent, with rather stiff hairs or glabrate: branches slender and ascending from a sometimes creeping rooting base, 6-18 in. high: lvs. ovate or ovate-oblong in outline, 1-3 in. long, truncate, broadly cuneate or subcordate at base and the petiole more or less margined, incisely lobed and toothed, often deeply 3-cleft: spikes peduncled, dense, short and capitate in early fl., becoming 2-4 in. long in fr.: bracts subulate, mostly shorter than the calyx—these and the calyx densely glandular- pubescent: calyx-teeth unequal, filiform-subulate; corolla 6-10 lines long, from bluish purple or lilac to rosy purple or white, frequently approaching blue in dried specimens; limb 1/2 – 3/4 in. broad, lobes oblong or obovate, emarginate and more or less revolute near the sinuses, throat provided with palisade of short white hairs; upper anthers bearing each a light brown, oblong gland which is barely exserted. Colo. and Mex. eastward across the continent.—Reported as producing many garden and spontaneous hybrids. Garden forms are of stouter habit, less inclined to root at base: lvs. larger, dark shiny green above, more conspicuously veiny, clusters and individual fls. larger, and the color variation more striking. Many forms have a rich spicy fragrance quite different from that of the hybrid verbenas. On account of the robust healthy nature of V. canadensis, it has been frequently recommended in horticultural literature as desirable for hybridizing with the hybrid verbenas to improve their constitution. The cross would probably be too radical for best results. It is to be regretted that this charming species which is thought well of in Eu. should be neglected in its native country.

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