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Habit:  ?
Height:  ?
Origin:  ?
Exposure:  ?
Water:  ?
USDA Zones:  ?
Sunset Zones:
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Acacia arabica, Willd. Gum Arabic Tree. Fig. 76. Shrub or small tree with gray branchlets; stipules spiny: pinnae 3-8 pairs, 1/2-l 1/2 in. long; lfts. 10-20 pairs, 1/8-1/4in. long, glands several: fls. in groups of 2-5, calyx half the length of corolla: pods distinctly stalked, flat, mostly moniliform, gray-downy, 3-6 in. long. Arabia and Eu.—Some confusion exists between this species and A. Farnesiana, but they are easily distinguished by means of the pod which in A. arabica is from slightly constricted between the seeds to moniliform or bead-like, while in A. Farnesiana it is round and smooth with the seeds arranged in 2 rows in a pulpy mass. CH

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