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If a plant or garden article could use photos to help illustrate the plant or topic, there are many sources out there available with free photos you can use to upload here. Below is a list of places with either free to use photos you can search for what you need, followed by a list of sites and photographers who's photos you cannot use without special permission, which they have generously granted to, allowing us to use their pictures on this site.


Free photo sources

There are many collections of photos on the web that are free to use. Most still require attribution, so please follow their instructions on how to attribute photos to them when you upload the photo and fill in the photo description.


Flickr is one of the largest photo sharing sites in the world. You can search it for photos by visiting here. That link will only show you photos with a creative commons license, which have been tagged with the keyword "flower". You can easily do new searches by typing in any words you want in the search box.

Mediawiki Commons

You can use any of the millions of photos on Mediawiki Commons on this site, without even uploading them! Just use the filename you need from that site on this one, and it will automatically appear.

Other Sources

Special permission photos

This is a list of sites and photographers who have given their special permission to use their photos. If you save and upload their photos, be certain to include a copyright notice with the name of the photographer, and a copyright notice saying the photo belongs to them and is being used here with special permission. If you are a photographer and want to make your photos available to us as well please let us know!


Valarie (boot) has agreed to allow to use her photos on this site. You should credit the photos as: Copyright © 2008 Valarie (boot), All rights reserved. Used with permission from photographer.

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