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Aglaophotis is an herb mentioned occasionally in works on occultism. References to Aglaophotis and to Olieribos (both of which are said to be magical herbs) are made in the Simon Necronomicon.

Historic uses

The Greek doctor Dioscorides named Aglaophotis as a member of the peony family, Paeoniaceae. It has been speculated that the species paeonia officinalis, or the European peony, is the source of Aglaophotis, but there is little evidence to prove this theory.

According to Dioscorides, peony is used for warding off demons, witchcraft, and fever. This is at odds with the presentation in the Necronomicon, in which it is used to call upon dark forces.

Popular media

References to Aglaophotis are present in Konami's video game series Silent Hill. Within the series, the substance appears as a crimson liquid, and is also associated with a fictional drug known as White Claudia. In Silent Hill, it is also used to expel demons and the like from the bodies of possessed individuals.

In Silent Hill 3, Heather's pendant, which she was given to her by Harry years ago, contains a small red jewel. It is later discovered that this jewel is a small capsule of aglaophotis. Towards the end of the game, Heather swallows it, causing her to vomit out the "god" growing within her.

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