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Definition of a bog here.

Bog gardening

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Bog-Gardening. The growing of plants in swamps, marsh-spots and bogs: distinguished from water-gardening or aquatic-gardening in the fact that the plants are not immersed or floating but grow mostly free above the soil. When water-gardening is made to include bog-gardening, confusion in practice is likely to result because the cultural requirements are unlike.

Bog-gardens may be separate areas in themselves, or they may comprise the edges of water-gardens or the spongy ground along runnels or the margins of pools. Bog-gardening is mostly a practice in colonizing plants, finding the ones that are specially adapted to the particular place. The artistic scheme is one of informality. If the place is very soft, stepping-stones may comprise the walks. Hereabouts may be grown the many marsh and wet-land plants, many of which are showy and also little known to cultivators. The sparganiums, pontederias, some of the hibiscus, many orchids, loosestrifes, cephalanthus, utricularias, and a host of others will occur to frequenters of morasses and distant shores.

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