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Template:Mergefrom Cheese curls, sometimes referred to as corn curls or cheese puffs, are a popular snack food. These crispy snacks are formed from cornmeal, water, oil, and flavored coatings. Cheese curls are an extruded snack, meaning they are cooked, pressurized, and pushed out of a die that forms the particular snack shape. They are then baked (or fried, depending on the product) and flavored with oil and seasonings. Today, we eat extruded corn snacks that are ball-shaped, curly, straight, or irregularly shaped depending on the shape of the die. Flavorings added after baking or frying vary greatly and different brands have distinctive flavors. These snacks are extremely popular snacks with children. The cheese curl industry packages them so that they are an easy choice to drop into school lunches.

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