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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Cowania (after James Cowan, an English merchant, who intro. many Peruvian and Mexican plants into England). Rosaceae. Some 4 or 5 small shrubs from the S. W. U. S. and from Mex., with small crowded Ivs. and handsome white or purple fls. ; rarely cult, in botanical collections. Closely related to Fallugia, but differing in the absence of bracts at the base of the calyx. Cult, and prop, like Fallugia, but apparently more tender: like that plant well adapted for planting in rockeries. C. mexicana, Don (C. Stansburiana, Torr.), has small crowded cuneate 3-7-lobed lvs. and white fls. about 1 in. across. C. plicata, Don (C. purpurea, Zucc.), has incisely serrate lvs. and purple fls. Alfred Rehder.

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