Dracaena hookeriana

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Dracaena Hookeriana, Koch (C. Rumphii. Hook. D. Rumphii. Regel). Trunk 3-6 ft. high, sometimes branched: lvs. numerous, densely clustered, sword- shaped (2-2½ ft. x 1½-2 in.), outer reflexed, all long- attenuate at the apex, scarcely narrowed below, margin white-pellucid, lower face concave, indistinctly costate beneath: bracts 1½-3 in. long, white: pedicels 3-4 lines long; perianth greenish, 12-15 lines long; filaments filiform: berries orange. Cape of Good Hope. D. latifolia, Regel, is a horticultural variety, with lvs. 3-3½ in. wide. G.C. III. 20:305 (var. latifolia). B.M. 4279 (as Cordyline Rumphii.) Var. variegata, Hort. Variegated foliage.

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