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A gardener is any person involved in the growing and maintenance of plants, notably in a garden. The term encompasses persons from different walks of life involved in gardening, arguably the oldest profession, from the hobbyist in a residential garden, the homeowner supplementing the family food with a small vegetable garden or orchard, to a worker engaged in maintaining greenery for money or the head gardener in a large estate.

The term gardener is also used to describe garden designers and landscape gardeners, who are involved chiefly in the design of gardens, rather than the practical aspects of gardening.

Gardening has a long history, and there have been many pioneering gardeners of note, from the great landscape gardeners of the 18th Century, to those who created or expanded the idea of the "no-dig" garden. In addition, television lifestyle programs have spawned a number of celebrity gardeners.

People who love gardening and who have the ability to make plants grow well are known to 'have green fingers'.

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