List of palm trees and cycads

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Complete list of palm trees and cycads

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  Max height Min zone Exposure Water
Aiphanes horrida 20 ft 11 part-sun
Allagoptera arenaria 60 in 10 sun
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana sun
Arenga engleri
Bactris sun
Bactris major 15 m 11
Bactris mexicana 15 ft 11
Borassus sun
Brahea sun
Brahea armata sun
Brahea calcarea sun
Brahea edulis
Butia capitata 8 m
Caryota gigas
Chamaedorea metallica
Chamaedorea microspadix
Chamaedorea radicalis
Chamaerops humilis 5 m sun moderate
Corypha utan
Curve-leaf yucca 10 ft sun
Cycas circinalis
Cycas thouarsii
Date 25 m sun
Dwarf Palmetto 10 ft 8 sun
Dypsis baronii sun
Dypsis decaryi
Dypsis decipiens
Dypsis leptocheilos
Dypsis lutescens 12 m
Dypsis onilahensis sun
Hedyscepe canterburyana sun
Howea belmoreana
Howea forsteriana 40 ft sun
Hyophorbe indica
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
Hyophorbe verschaffeltii
Johannesteijsmannia altifrons
Jubaea chilensis sun
Leucothrinax morrisii 35 ft 11 sun
Licuala spinosa
Livistona chinensis
Lodoicea maldivica
Mexican Palmetto 60 ft 9 sun
Nypa fruticans wet
Phoenix roebelenii
Puerto Rico Hat Palm 50 ft 9 sun
Ravenea rivularis
Rhapidophyllum hystrix 6 ft 6.5
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