Solandra grandiflora

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Solandra grandiflora
 Chalice Vine
Chalice Vine peeking out of fence
Habit: Vine
Height: 30-40 ft. (9-12 m)
Width: 30-40 ft. (9-12 m)
Lifespan: Perennial
Origin: W Indies, Mexico, S America
Poisonous: All parts poisonous if ingested
Exposure: Sun
Water: moderate summer, sparing winter
Features: Flowers, Fragrance
Hardiness: 45-50F (7-10C)
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USDA Zones: 8b-11
Sunset Zones: 17, 21-25, south 26, 27
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There is more general information about this species in the Solandra article.

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Solandra grandiflora, Sw. Fig. 3627. Lvs. obovate-oblong, acute, glabrous, thick: fls. fragrant; corolla twice as long as the calyx, not contracted at the throat, white or somewhat yellowish.

The above text is from the Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture. It may be out of date, but still contains valuable and interesting information which can be incorporated into the remainder of the article. Click on "Collapse" in the header to hide this text.




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