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It all depends!
The best tomato for a sandwich, might not be the best tomato for a pasta sauce. The poll question you ask even has a technicality you should know about: there are heirloom varieties of cherry, roma and beefsteak tomatoes. Here are some of the benefits/uses of each kind.

Heirloom tomatoes are great for their variety, flavor and the ability to save their seeds and regrow them the next year. Many of the hybrids can be sterile or produce different tomatoes if you save their seeds.

  • Cherry tomatoes are great for salads, shish kebabs and kids.
  • Roma tomatoes are great for salads and tomato sauces, and even as small dolma shells.
  • Beefsteak tomatoes are great for sandwiches and soups.

There is overlap of course between these uses, and then there are varieties best suited for sun drying, or keeping firm, or resisting certain insects, viruses or other diseases.

A little tip on growing tomatoes: if you plant a marigold (tagetes) next to the tomatoes, it will help ward off tomato worms.

BTW - my Big Zac II tomato bush has produced some 3+ pound fruit this year... they're huge and delicious!

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