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Quote: Jan 2nd 12:36 am
why would you want to eat miracle grow. obviously the chemicals enter the plant; hence the effect...

Why would you want to drink sulphuric acid? Since the chemical enters the plant, as it is more than likely in the rain that falls, thus in the soil, thus in your plant. That goes for any chemical, whether it be "organic" (the gardener type, not chemistry) or not.
I'm not sure what miracle grow is myself, but I imagine that they don't put chemicals in the mix that are harmful to humans.
I know that my work sells potting mix that is iodised to prevent fungal infections growing in the mix, and aside from that it also has some types of fertilisers in it. If you were to eat the soil, you would be odd, but probably wouldn't die from it. The fertilisers in the soil will be used by the plant, which will probably not be any different, chemically, from a plant grown with organic fertilisers. Thus, you are not eating miracle grow any more than you are eating cow poop or seaweed.
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