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I was just wandering through the place most people refer to as the internet, and I came across an article on how to take care of slugs and snails.

Many of the articles advise things like a small jar of beer, buried in the ground, then empty it out every few days, into your rubbish.
Or you can perhaps hand pick them, put them into a jar of soapy water, and then into your rubbish.
You could also substitute the road for your rubbish.
Noticing the trend?
All these sites suggest putting these delightfully annoying creatures into your rubbish, or something similar.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I sometimes find that I have many hundreds of snails to remove, and I just thought, what about drowning them in normal water? Surely it would be a better idea to get those pesky little critters, and make them useful, and what more of a useful way to deal with a large problem, than to put them back into your garden, dead?
They'll break down, no?
I haven't really looked into it, but it could be an interesting idea, they might make a good liquid fertiliser? Help add a bit of a boost to your compost heap?

Any comments on this idea would be much appreciated! Has anyone tried this before? Or know someone who has?
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When I was a kid, and came up with all kinds of imaginary ways to dispose of snails, I once gathered dozens of them in a glass jar and closed the top. I left it outside and forgot about it, and the next time I checked (I don't know if one day had passed or twenty, all that remained was shells and a slime that I poured into the dirt. I also can't remember how it smelled, which might be a good thing :-)

But I also don't see a problem with pouring beer directly into your garden, along with the snails. What harm could it do? I imagine all of this will only serve to give the soil nutrients.

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If you have a lake with ducks you could go and feed the snails to them, haven't tried this but apparently they love them........or assuming that these snails are of the Helix aspersa kind. you could cook and eat them yourself (make sure they are properly cooked as they can have a form of meningitis also they need purging there are guides everywhere on the net) and again I haven't tried this but I think I'm going to.

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eating certain snails is certainly an option, but on top of making sure they're cooked well, you should make sure there has been no harmful pesticides/herbicides used where the snails lived.

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