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  Growth habit
Abelia shrub
Abelia 'Edward Goucher' shrub
Abelia biflora shrub
Abelia chinensis shrub
Abelia engleriana shrub
Abelia floribunda shrub
Abelia parvifolia shrub
Abelia triflora shrub
Abelia × grandiflora shrub
Abeliophyllum distichum shrub
Abelmoschus manihot herbaceous
Abelmoschus moschatus herbaceous
Abies alba tree
Abies bracteata tree
Abies delavayi tree
Abies fargesii tree
Abies fargesii var. faxoniana tree
Abies firma tree
Abies forrestii tree
Abies koreana tree
Abies lasiocarpa tree
Abies numidica tree
Abies pindrow tree
Abies procera tree
Abies religiosa tree
Abronia herbaceous
Abronia umbellata herbaceous
Abronia villosa herbaceous
Abrus vine-climber
Abrus precatorius vine-climber
Abutilon shrub
Abutilon longicuspe shrub
Abutilon megapotamicum shrub
Abutilon pictum shrub
Abutilon vitifolium shrub
Abutilon × hybridum shrub
Abutilon × milleri shrub
Abutilon × suntense shrub
Acacia acanthoclada shrub
Acacia acinacea shrub
Acacia acuminata subsp. burkittii shrub
Acacia adunca tree
Acacia aneura tree
Acacia aulacocarpa tree
Acacia ausfeldii shrub
Acacia binervia tree
Acacia boormanii shrub
Acacia buxifolia shrub
Acacia caffra tree
Acacia calamifolia shrub
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