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{{{name}}} calendar?
January: {{{jan}}}
February: {{{feb}}}
March: {{{mar}}}
April: {{{apr}}}
May: {{{may}}}
June: {{{jun}}}
July: {{{jul}}}
August: {{{aug}}}
September: {{{sep}}}
October: {{{oct}}}
November: {{{nov}}}
December: {{{dec}}}
Notes: {{{notes}}}

About this template

Quick note about what you can or should do for this plant in each given month, and what the plant will be doing as well. In other words, in August maybe it will be flowering, and in December maybe you should prune, or maybe it is a good time to plant or transplant. Under notes you can write any additional information that doesn't really fit above, or to explain what is written above a bit better - but it's best kept quite brief, or in the main text if it can work there.

These are the sorts of things you should put after the = sign in the template:

  • plant
  • prune
  • sow
  • thin out
  • harvest
  • flower
  • harden off/plant
  • divide
  • transplant
  • feed
  • rest
  • repot
  • reduce watering
  • mist foliage
  • bracts
  • remove/repot offsets
  • foliage

Copy paste the following and fill out

| color = IndianRed
| name = NAME OF PLANT
| jan =
| feb =
| mar =
| apr =
| may =
| jun =
| jul =
| aug =
| sep =
| oct =
| nov =
| dec =
| notes =

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