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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Pavonia (J. Pavon, joint author of Ruiz and Pavon's "Flora Peruviana et Chilensis"; died 1844). Malvaceae, Herbs or shrubs, one or two of which are sometimes grown under glass as pot subjects, for the showy bloom.

Tropical plants, tomentose, hispid or glabrescent: lvs. often angled or lobed: fls. of various colors, pedun-cled or crowded at the tips of the branches: bractlets 5 to many, distinct or more or less connate and resembling a calyx, usually not colored: calyx 5-cut or 5- toothed; petals spreading or convolute-connivent; staminal column truncate below the apex or 5-dentate; ovary 5-loculed, 1-ovuled: ripe carpels surrounding the axis and separating from it, rounded or truncate at top, sometimes winged, indehiscent or imperfectly dehiscent, prickly or awned.—Species about 100, Cent. Amer. to Argentina; also in Trop. Afr. and Asia, to Austral, and the Pacific. The genus is more or less confused with Goethea, but that genus, as usually defined, differs in its larger and more showy fl.-bracts and in the smooth carpels. The plants in cult, derive much of their interest from the showy bracts, although Pavonia is usually characterized as having bracts less conspicuous than those of Goethea.

P. Mokoyana, Morr. (Goethea Makoyana, Hook.). Lvs. elliptic, short-stalked, with large stipules: fls. in terminal clusters, subtended by large cordate-ovate crimson bracilete. Brazil. B.M. 6427. G.Z. 22:169.—P. semperflorens, Garcke (Goethea semper- florens, Nées & Mart.). Tall: lvs. elliptic, serrate: fla. usually terminal, purple, with brown bracilete. Brazil. L H B CH

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