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What to do now

First go to Special:Allpages and go through every single plant and add any photos which are missing. Also when you are going through all the pages, if there are links to additional species of plants on the pages (such as on the Strawberry page), then add those pages and photos as well.

Next make sure the lists of plants below are all added to If you finish a list, remove it from the list so I can see you need more lists :-)

Copy from Wikipedia

Copy pages from Wikipedia

  • Find missing plants on
  • go to the wikipedia export page (see bookmarks under
  • Copy paste page name into export window,
  • then copy paste information from export window to new page but only text
  • after: "preserve">
  • before: </text>
  • click on save.

Find missing pictures on existing pages of

  • log in to
  • open same named page on wikipedia (by copying and pasting the name of the page into the wikipedia search and clicking go)
  • right click on picture needed on and open in new window, then click on upload
  • right click on photo on wikipedia that you want, and click on open in new window
  • right click on photo on wikipedia IN new window, and click save picture as...
  • remove initial part of filename BEFORE saving IF it says 240px- (or some other number followed by px-)
  • now save in desktop/ folder
  • in browse in the new file you just saved in the upload window
  • now in the wikipedia picture page, click on "description page" and it will take you to wikimedia page for the photo.
  • copy the window address from wikimedia to
  • click on "edit" tab in wikimedia and copy/paste all the text to
  • click on upload
  • Shnorhavor! You uploaded 1 photo!

Plant lists to add pages from

Pages with plant lists needing to be added

Pages needing photos added

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