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Jump to: navigation, search is the inspiration for this website. As a general encyclopedia, it has become unsurpassed in the amount of quality information it has brought to one place.

Difference between and

Wikipedia is a standard encyclopedia in what it covers however, so if you read about a banana tree, the article will explain the history of the banana, the types of uses people have for it, the nutritional value, pop culture references, importance to certain cultures, production in various countries, etc, etc. All very important information, which you would expect to find when you read an encyclopedia article about a banana. A garden encyclopedia on the other hand, as many of us know, has a completely different approach to a banana article. It describes the plant, tells you how and where to grow it, propagate it, and what diseases it may be prone to. Wikipedia has a policy of not allowing "how to" information, so the information needed on how to grow a plant is simply not supposed to be placed there as a matter of policy. That meant there was a need for a plant encyclopedia, from a gardeners perspective. And this is that encyclopedia. Same wiki platform, same collaborative approach, same free licensing, but different angle on the plants.

Wikipedia vs. banana article comparison
Plant description Accept.png Accept.png
Banana varieties Accept.png Accept.png
Cultivation information Cancel.png Accept.png
Propagation information Cancel.png Accept.png
Pest info and how to fight it Cancel.png Accept.png
Disease info and how to fight it Cancel.png Accept.png
Photo gallery of just the plant Cancel.png Accept.png
Zone information Cancel.png Accept.png
Detailed history of banana plant Accept.png Cancel.png
Detailed uses of banana plant Accept.png Cancel.png
Details of banana production around the world Accept.png Cancel.png
Banana references in movies and culture Accept.png Cancel.png
Nutritional value Accept.png Cancel.png

Wikipedia material on

Despite the differences in the focus of the articles, both sites do still have some overlap. Because the site share the same free license, information can be taken from either site and placed on the other, as long as there is attribution as requested by the sites. Wikipedia only requires that the site license be the same, be clearly stated, and that a link is placed back to the Wikipedia article[1]. Since the site license is in fact the same, and is stated on every page, and every plant article on by default has a link to Wikipedia, their requirements should be satisfied without any further effort by users. When pasting Wikipedia text onto the site, adding inline references with this tag {{wp}} is also a good idea. Giving readers additional information about the source of their text.

When using text on Wikipedia, should be attributed both with a link, and attribution that some of the content originates from

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