Acanthomintha pentaphyllum

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Acanthomintha pentaphyllum, Marsh. (A. spinosum. Hort.,not Miq. Aralia pentaphylla, Thunb.) Fig. 82. Shrub, 5-10 ft.: branches arching and slender, with few compressed, straight prickles: lfts. 5-7, oblong-obovate or oblong-lanceolate, cuneate, acute, 3/4-l 1/2 in. long, crenate-serrate, smooth: fls. green, in slender-peduncled umbels, solitary on spur-like branchlets along last year's branches; styles 5, connate. Japan.—A graceful shrub, with arching branches and bright green, shining foliage, excellent on rocky banks and slopes. Only the pistillate form seems to be in cult., but produces no fr. for want of pollen. Var. variegatum, Hort. Lvs. edged white. F.S. 20:2079.—Possibly a variety of A. spinosun. Also A. quinquefolium variegatum, Veitch Cat., may be the same.

A. divaricctum, Seem. Allied to A. sessiliflorum. I.ft-. 5, downy beneath: fls. pedicelled. Japan. S.I.F. 2:56.—A. Henryi, Harms (Eleutherococcus Henryi, Oliver). Allied to A. sessiliflorum. Branches with few hooked prickles: lfts. 3-5, nearly sessile, cuneate at the base, oblong, 2-3 in. long: fls. pedicelled. Cent. China. B.M. 8316.—A. innovans, Franch. & Sav. Unarmed small tree: lvs. fascicled 3-foliolate, occasionally 2-foliolate or undivided and cordate; lfts. nearly sessile, glabrous: umbels paniculate. Japan.— A. leucorrhizum, Harms. Allied to A. senticosum. Branches only below the petiole with several straight reflexed prickles: Mts. oblanceolate, glabrous: umbels solitary or few. Cent. China.—A. sciadophylloides, Franch. & Sav. Unarmed tree, to 40 ft.; lfts. 5, stalked, nearly glabrous: umbels forming large terminal panicles. Japan. S.I.F. 2:55.—A. Simonii, Schneid. Allied to A. senticosum.

Branches with several prickles below the petiole: lfts. 5. prickly on both sides, oblong. China. M.D.G. 1910:25.—A. spinosum, Miq. Allied to A. pentaphyllum. Lvs. often sparingly appressed-setose above: peduncles shorter than petioles; styles 2, separate. China. Alfred Rehder.


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