Aloe striata

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 Aloe striata subsp. var.  Coral aloe
Habit: cacti-succulent
Height: to
Width: to
3ft 4ft7ft
Height: warning.png"" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. to 3 ft
Width: 4 ft to 7 ft
Lifespan: perennial
Bloom: early winter, mid winter, late winter
Exposure: sun, part-sun
Features: flowers
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Minimum Temp: °Fwarning.png"°F" is not a number.
USDA Zones: 9 to 11
Sunset Zones:
Flower features: red, pink
Asphodelaceae > Aloe striata var. ,

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Aloe striata, Haw. (A. paniculata, Jaco. A. albo-cincta, Haw.). Nearly simple: lvs. upcurved-spreading, 4-6 x 15-20 in., triangular-oblong, pale or reddish, somewhat pruinose, striate, with entire white cartilaginous margin: infl. 2-3 ft. high; ample; fls. 134 in- long, red or yellowish, the pale-tipped segms. much shorter than the tube. Cape. Jacq. Fragm. 62. G.G. III. 36: 423. Berger 69.—Varies in a form with red-margined lvs., var. rhodo-cincta, Hort. (A. Hanburiana, Naudin), G.W. 3, p. 553, and a form with white-blotched lvs., var. oligospeila, Baker, B.M. 5210. Hybrids: A. x Schimperi, Tod., Hort. Pan. 16; A. x Bortiana, Terr.; A. x Schoenlandii, Baker; A. x Paxii, Terr.: A. x Lynchii, Baker, G.C. 111.29:199; A.x Derbétzii, Hort. ; A . x leptophylla, Brown, B.M. 7624, Berger 70, and a narrower- lvd. form of it, var. stenophylla, Baker. Unnamed hybrids with A. saponaria are known, and A. x Schimperi has been recrossed with A. striata.

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