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 Berberis vulgaris subsp. var.  
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Berberis vulgaris, Linn. Common Barberry. Fig. 538. From 4-8 ft., rarely 15: branches grooved, gray, upright or arching: Lvs. oblong-spatulate or obovate, setulose- dentate, pale or grayish green beneath, membranous, 1-2 in. long: racemes pendulous, many-fld. ; fls. bright yellow: fr. oblong-ovoid, scarlet, finally purple. May, June: fr. Sept., Oct. Eu. to E. Asia; escaped from culture and naturalized in E. N. Amer. Gn. 35:264. — Handsome in spring, with its golden yellow fls. and light green foliage; and in fall, with its bright scarlet frs., remaining through the whole winter. A very variable species. Of the many garden forms, the most effective is var. atropurpurea, Regel (var. purpurea, Ho rt., not Loud., which is a form with purple fr.), with purple-colored Lvs. (Gt. 9:278, 1); little different is var. macrophylla, Kew Bull. (B. vulgaris foliis purpurea macrophylla, Paul & Sons), with larger Lvs. of deep purple color. Other varieties are: Var. albo-variegata, Zabel, Lvs. variegated with white, rather small; Var. aureo - marginata, Zabel, Lvs. with yellow margin, rather large; var. alba, Don (var. leucocarpa Hort.), white-fruited; var. asperma, Don (var. apyrena, Hort.), seedless; var. dulcis. Loud. (var. edulis, Hort.), less acid; var. lutea, on (var. xanthocarpa, Hort.), yellow-fruited; var. macrocarpa, Jaeger, with larger fr. The forms with black or purplish blue fr., as var. nigra, Don, and var. violacea, Don, do not belong here, but are either hybrids or belong to other species.

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