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 Bletia subsp. var.  
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Habit: orchid
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Orchidaceae > Bletia var. ,

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Bletia is a genus of about 30 species of orchids (family Orchidaceae), almost of all of which are terrestrial, some are occasionally lithophytic or epiphytic. It is named after Spanish botanist and pharmacist Don Luis Blet. The genus is distributed from Florida south to Brazil.

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Bletia (named for Louis Blet, a Spanish botanist). Orchidaceae. Terrestrial orchids with globose or depressed pseudobulbs, from the apex of which arises a leafy. st.; mostly hothouse plants.

Leaves plicate-veined: fls. borne on a lateral leafless st.; sepals and petals spreading, similar, or the latter broader; lip attached to the base of the column, 3-lobed, the lateral lobes erect, the middle lobe spreading, the disk with several entire or denticulate-crisped ridges; pollinia 8.—A genus of about 20 species in Trop. Amer.

B. camponulata, La Llave & Lex. Fls. bell-shaped, purple, with white center. Mex.—B. hyacinthina, R. Br.-Bletia.—B. patula, Hook. Fls. up to 2 in. across, deep pink. Said to be a native of Haiti.—B. Tankervilleae, R. Br.-Phaius.

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The following genera: Anthogyas Raf., Bletiana Raf., Crybe Lindl., Gyas Salisb., Regnellia Barb. Rodr. and Thiebautia Colla have been brought into synonymy with Bletia.

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