Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis

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 Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis subsp. var.  Cuija
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Habit: cacti-succulent
Height: to
Width: to
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Origin: S America
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USDA Zones: to
Sunset Zones:
Flower features:
Cactaceae > Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis var. , (Willd.) A.Berger

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Opuntia brasiliensis, Haw. A large, tree-like plant reaching a height of 15-18 ft., numerously branched, with a thick, roundish crown and an upright trunk, 4-6 in. diam., and bearing numerous spines 1 in. or less in length: joints of two kinds, cylindrical, unarticulate, elongate ones and others which are shorter and much flattened and which arise as offshoots from the former; the latter lf.-like, thin; 2-6 in. long, oblong, rarely oblong-lanceolate or orbicular, dark green, margin angular, sometimes irregular: areoles with short gray wool and numerous brown bristles; spines usually 1, sometimes 1-3 small additional ones, 1-2½ in. long, mostly from the marginal areoles, white, with brownish tips: fls. numerous, citron-yellow, 2 in. wide: fr. globose or ellipsoidal, yellow, about 1½ in. diam/ Brazil and southward.—One of the species most frequent in cult.

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Brasiliopuntia argentina (Griseb.) A.Berger
Brasiliopuntia bahiensis (Britton & Rose) A.Berger.
Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis ssp. subacarpa ?
Brasiliopuntia neoargentina Backeb.
Brasiliopuntia schulzii (A.Cast. & Lelong) Backeb.
Brasiliopuntia subacarpa Rizzini & A.Mattos
Cactus brasiliensis Willd.
Opuntia argentina Griseb.
Opuntia bahiensis Britton & Rose
Opuntia brasiliensis (Willd.) Haw.
Opuntia neoargentina (Backeb.) G.D.Rowley
Opuntia schulzii A.Cast. & Lelong



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