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Sunset Zones:
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Citrullus (diminutive of Citrus, said to be in allusion to the shape of fruits and color of flesh resembling those characters in fruits of the orange or citron). Cucurbitaceae. Annual or perennial tendril-bearing herbs of three or four species, one yielding the watermelon and one the colocynth.

Climbing or long-trailing, hispid or rough, with 2-3- parted tendrils, often with a strong odor: lvs. alternate, petiolate, mostly round-cordate in general outline, deeply 3-5-lobed, and the divisions often again lobed, and the segms. commonly obtuse: fls. monos- cious, solitary and peduncled in the lf .-axils, the corollas 5-lobed; stamens 3, included and united or cohering by the anthers, and rudiments of stamens in the pistillate fls.; pistil 1, the ovary ovoid or globose, bearing a short style and 3-lobed stigma: fr. a globular pepo, morphologically 3-celled, usually smooth and with a hard rind.—Trop. Afr. and Asia, 2 of the species now widely distributed in warm and tropical countries.


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