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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Cornus mas, Linn. (C. mascula, Hort.). Cornelian Cherry. Fig. 1066. Shrub or small tree, to 20 ft.: lvs. ovate or elliptic, acute, appresaed-pubescent, and green on both sides, 1½-4 in. long: fls. in sessile opposite umbels, before the lvs.; pedicels not exceeding the involucre: fr. oblong, scarlet, ¾in. long, edible. March, April. S. Eu., Orient. Mn. 5:192. G.C. II. 9:399. H.W. 3, p. 61.—Handsome shrub of dense growth with glossy foliage, very attractive in early spring with its yellow fls., and again in fall with its shining scarlet frs. Var. macrocarpa, Dipp. Fr. larger. Var. albocarpa, Schneid. (var. luteocarpa, Wang.). Fr. yellowish. Var. aurea, Schelle. Lvs. yellow. Var. aureo-elegantissima, Schelle. Lvs. variegated with pink or yellow. F. 1877: 109. G.Z.21:169. Var. argenteo-marginata, Hort. Lvs. bordered white. Var. nana, Simon - Louis. Dwarf form. It has been confused with C. pumila (No. 15) which has len- ticillate branchlets and usually 4 pairs of veins. CH

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