Crocus speciosus

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Habit:  ?
Height:  ?
Origin:  ?
Exposure:  ?
Water:  ?
USDA Zones:  ?
Sunset Zones:
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Crocus speciosus, Bieb. Corm not stoloniferous, 1 in. or less: Lvs. usually 3, developing after the fls., thin, very narrow, becoming 1 ft. long: perianth-tube much exserted; segms. l½-2 in., lilac and feathered with darker color; anthers very large, bright orange, much exceeding the filaments. 8. E. Eu. and Asia. B.M. 3861. Gn. 62, p. 265; 71, p. 613. B.R. 25:40.—Handsome and variable. Var. albus, Hort. Fls. white. Var. Aitchisonii, Foster (C. Aitchisonii, Hort.). Fig. 1118. More graceful than the type and larger, fls. paler in color, the segms. more pointed, divisions of stigma more numerous and more spreading or even drooping: fls. very pale bluish lilac. Asia. G. 28:415. Gn. M. 8:228. L. H. B. CH

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