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Sunset Zones:
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Cucumis (old Latin name). Cucurbitaceae. Tendril-bearing soft tender herbs, some of which are grown for their edible fruits.

Annual or perennial- rooted (the common cult. species annual), with large alternate entire or palmately lobed or dissected Lvs.: monoecious (rarely dioecious); sterile fls. in clusters, not lone-stalked, the fertile ones solitary and mostly short-stalked in the axils; corolla of 5 deep acute lobes; stamens not united; stigmas 3, obtuse: tendrils simple: fr. a pepo, mostly 3-celled, usually indehiscent, fleshy or thick, globular, oblong or cylindrical, sometimes echinate, many-seeded.— About 30 species of villous or spinescent climbers and trailers with annual sts., in warm parts of the globe, most abundant in Afr. CH

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  • C. acutangulus, Hort.= Luffa.CH
  • C. Citrullus, Ser.= Citrullus vulgaris.CH
  • C. Colocynthis, Linn.= CitruIlus Colocynthis.CH
  • C. metuliferus, Mey. Hispid annual, with palmately somewhat 3-lobed cordate petiolate Lvs., and oblong-obtuse spiny fr., about 4 in. long. S. Afr.CH
  • C. perennis, James = Cucurbita.CH
  • C. prophetarum, Linn. Slender perennial with ashy scabrous long-stalked mostly 3-5- lobed Lvs., and longitudinally white-striped softly spinose fr. 1-1¾ in. long. Afr.CH
  • C. Vilmorinii, Hort. A plant of unrecorded origin, with cut lvs. and abundance of canary-yellow soft-spined frs.CH


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