Pyracantha coccinea

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Pyracantha coccinea, Roem. (Cotoneaster Pyracantha, Spach. Crataegus Pyracantha, Borkh. Mespilus Pyracantha, Linn.). Firethorn. Fiery Thorn. Everlasting Thorn. Fig. 3264. Shrub, attaining 6 ft., rarely 20 ft., with numerous short spines: young branchlets and petioles grayish pubescent: lvs. oval-oblong to oblanceolate, acute, crenate, glabrous or slightly pubescent when young, 3/4-1 3/4in. long: corymbs pubescent, many-fld., about 1 1/2 in. broad; fls. small, white: fr. numerous, bright red, about 1/5in. across. May, June. Italy to W. Asia. Gn. 33, p. 464. Var. Lalandii, Dipp. (Cotoneaster crenulata, Hort., not Wenzig), is of more vigorous growth, with slender branches: lvs. less deeply crenate: corymbs larger: fr. bright orange-red. well suited for covering walls and said to be hardier than the type. M.D.G. 1901:136. Var. pauciflora, Dipp. Of low, dense habit and very thorny: corymbs small: fr. yellowish red. Hardy, and well suited for hedges. Var. leucocarpa, Hort. (Cotoneaster Pyracantha leucocarpa, Hort., var. fructo-albo, Hort.), is a form with white or yellowish frs.

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