Glyceria maxima

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 Glyceria maxima subsp. var.  Glyceria aquatica, Molinia maxima, Poa aquatica Reed meadow grass
Reed Mannagrass
Habit: grass
Height: to
Width: to
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Height: 1 ft to 8 ft
Width: warning.png"" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. to unlimited
Lifespan: perennial
Bloom: early summer, mid summer, late summer
Exposure: sun
Features: flowers
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Minimum Temp: °Fwarning.png"°F" is not a number.
USDA Zones: 3 to 5
Sunset Zones:
Flower features: white
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Glyceria maxima (Hartm.) Holmb. (syn. G. aquatica (L.) Wahlenb.; G. spectabilis Mert. & W.D.J. Koch; Molinia maxima Hartm.; Poa aquatica L.; Reed Mannagrass; Reed Sweetgrass) is a species of rhizomatous perennial grasses in the mannagrass genus native to Europe and Western Siberia and growing in wet areas such as riverbanks and ponds. It is highly competitive and invasive and is often considered noxious weed outside its native range.



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