Gnetum gnemon

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 Gnetum gnemon subsp. var.  
Gnetum gnemon BotGardBln1105B.jpg
Habit: tree
Height: to
Width: to
60ft 20ft
Height: warning.png"" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. to 60 ft
Width: warning.png"" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. to 20 ft
Lifespan: perennial
Exposure: part-sun
Features: edible
Hidden fields, interally pass variables to right place
Minimum Temp: °Fwarning.png"°F" is not a number.
USDA Zones: 10 to 12
Sunset Zones:
Flower features:
Gnetaceae > Gnetum gnemon var. ,

Gnetum gnemon is a species of Gnetum native to southeast Asia and the western Pacific Ocean islands, from Assam south and east through Indonesia and Malaysia to the Philippines and Fiji. They are sometimes called padi oats or paddy oats.

It is a small to medium-size tree (unlike most other Gnetum species, which are lianas), growing to 15-20 m tall. The leaves are evergreen, opposite, 8-20 cm long and 3-10 cm broad, entire, emerging bronze-coloured, maturing glossy dark green. The fruit-like strobilus consist of little but skin and a large nut-like seed 2-4 cm long inside.

Fleshy strobili weigh about 5.5 g, the seed alone 3.8 g. Strobili mature mainly from June to September in NE Philippines. The red strobili are eaten by birds, mammals and reptiles.



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