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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Hyphaene (Greek, to entwine; referring to the fibers of the fruit). Palmaceae, tribe Borasseae. Fan- leaved unarmed palms of moderate or tall stature from tropical Africa and Madagascar.

Caudex robust, cylindrical, ventricose or pear- shaped, simple or forkingly branched: lvs. terminal, orbicular, palmate-flabelliform, plicate-multifid; segms. ensiform, acute or 2-fid, margins induplicate with fibers interposed; rachis short; petiole strongly biconvex or a trifle flatter above; margins minutely spiny; ligule short, rotund; sheath short, open: fls. dioecious, in relatively deep pits, on the mil., which is partly hidden by the lvs.—About 10 species from Trop. Afr. The Borassus tribe of palms consists of Borassus, Lodoicea, Latania and Hyphaene. In the first two the staminate fls. in the pits of the spadix are numerous; in the last two they are solitary. In the first and fourth there are few stamens; in the second and third the stamens are numerous.

H. thebaica, Mart. A showy palm with striking yellow-orange frs. is probably a Corypha. It is little cult, in N. Amer. F.S. 21:2152- 3.—H. ventricosa, Kirk, is a showy blue-green palm with an immense cluster of lvs. and a bulging trunk. Congo. Not in cult, in Amer. G.C. II. 21:649. N. Taylor.

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