Juniperus chinensis

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Juniperus chinensis, linn. (J. sinensis, Hort.). tree, to 60 ft., or shrub, sometimes procumbent: branches rather slender: lvs. opposite or whorled, linear, pointed and spreading, with a white band above or scale-like, appressed, rhombic, obtuse: fr. globular, brownish violet, bloomy, 1/5-1/3in. across, with 2 or 3 seeds. Himalayas, China, Japan. S.Z. 126, 127. S.I.F. 1:12. G.C. 111.42:163 C.L.A. 11:308. G.W.I, p. 3O5- Very variable in habit: the staminate plant usually) forms a much-branched, upright, pyramidal bush often almost columnar, while the pistillate has slender spreading branches. They are therefore often distinguished as var. mascula and var. femina (vai Reevesii, Hort.). The first one is the most desirable a an ornamental plant. var. albo-variegata, Beissr (var. argentea, Hort.). Dwarf, dense form, wit dimorphic lvs.: tips of branchlets mostly white. Gn.N. 6:292. var. aurea, Beissn. (var. mascula aurea, hort. upright form, with the young branchlets golden yellow the color becoming more brilliant in the full sun. Vapendula, hort. With spreading branches, pendulo at the extremities. var. pfitzeriana, Spaeth. Formir „ a broad pyramid with horizontally spreading branches and nodding branchlets, grayish green. G.W. 5, p. 403. var. pyramidalis, carr. narrow, pyramidal form, with bluish green, mostly needle-shaped foliage. var. procumbens, End]. (J. procumbens, Sieb. J.japonica, Carr.). Dense, low shrub with spreading, sometimes procumbent branches and mostly acicular lvs. in whorls, with 2 white lines above, longer and stouter than in the type. S.Z. 127, fig. 3. G.W. 13, p. 618. var. procumbens aurea, Beissn. Branches robust and long, decumbent, with rather few branchlets, young growth golden yellow at first, changing to light green. var. procumbens aureo-variegata, Beissn. Dwarf, dense form, variegated with golden yellow.

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