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 Narcissus bulbocodium subsp. var.  
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Narcissus bulbocodium, Linn. (Corbularia species). Hoop- Petticoat Daffodil. A slender small plant, with bulb 1 in. or less in diam., and the very slender lvs. (usually 3 or 4 to each st.) mostly overtopping the blossoms: fl. 1, ascending or horizontal (not declined), 1½ or 1¾ in. long in most forms, normally bright yellow in all parts, the very prominent thin flaring corona entire or crenulate; perianth-segms. very narrow, ascending, to ¾ in. long, the keel green, the same color as crown; stamens inserted near the base of the tube, declined, rather long. S. France to Morocco. May. B.M. 88. J.H. III. 54:393. Gn. 69, p. 222. G. 5:131.—Runs into many garden forms and hybrids. Fls. usually borne 5-8 in. above the ground. Minor forms are var. conspicua, a large yellow kind, 6 in.; var. praecox, large, yellow, and early- flowering, 6 in.; var. tenuifolia, small, early-flowering, golden yellow, 3 in.

Var. Graellsii, Baker (N. Graellsii, Webb). Lvs. about 2: perianth about 1 in. long, whitish or primrose-yellow. Castile. B.M. 6473 B.

Var. monophyllus, Baker (N. monophyllus, Moore. N. Clusii, Dunal. Corbularia monophylla, Dur.). Fig. 2437. An Algerian form, winter-blooming, usually with 1 If., and fl. sessile and white: corona crenate. B.M. 5831. Gn. 60, p. 199; 76, p. 94. J.H. III. 42:287.

Var. citrinis, Baker. Fls. large, 1-2 in. long, pale lemon-yellow or sulfur-yellow, the corona somewhat crenulate and 1 in. diam.; stamens and style included. Gn. 78, p. 189.

Var. nivalis, Baker (N. nivalis, Graells). Lvs. 2-3, erect and slender, the scape 2-4 in. long: perianth orange-yellow, ¾in. or less long; style and stamens exserted. Spain.

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