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 Ochrosia subsp. var.  
Ochrosia borbonica
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Ochrosia is a genus of flowering plant in the milkweed family, Apocynaceae.

Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Ochrosia (name records the pale yellow color of the fls.). Apocynaceae. Fifteen or more trees, extending from the Mascarene Isls. eastward to Hawaii, little known to cult.: Lvs. scattered, whorled or opposite, with numerous nerves, coriaceous, entire, often large: fls. in peduncled cymes, of medium size, often very fragrant, mostly white, yellowish or cream-colored; calyx small, glandless, deeply 5-cleft; corolla salver- form, the tube cylindrical and dilated at point of insertion of stamens, the throat constricted and glabrous; disk small or wanting: carpels 2, distinct or connate at base, ripening into spreading few-seeded or 1-seedcd drupes.—The species are grown somewhat in tropical countries for the ornamental foliage and frs.

O. borbonica, Gmel., is an evergreen tree 20-30 ft., with stout branches, glabrous: Lvs. large, whorled, obovate, narrowed to a petiole, rounded at apex, shining above: fls. white; corolla-limb ⅓ in. diam.: drupes about 2 in. long, bright red. considered to be poisonous. Mascarene Isls. eastward.—O. elliptica, Labill.-p. parviflora.—0. parviflora, Hemsl. (Cerbera parviflora, Forst.), is a Pacific species, somewhat planted in Hawaii: 30-40 ft., evergreen, with rough bark and cylindrical twigs: Lvs. ternate quarternate, crowded at ends of branches, oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, shining: fls. small, white: fr. 1 or 2 scarlet drupes, not edible.-O. sandwicensis, Gray, of Hawaii, is a small tree or large shrub, 10-25 ft., with long drooping branches: Lvs. in 3's or 4's, long-oblong, short- acuminate, shining above: fls. yellowish to cream-colored: drupes dry, yellowish at maturity, not edible.

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