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Habit:  ?
Height:  ?
Origin:  ?
Exposure:  ?
Water:  ?
USDA Zones:  ?
Sunset Zones:
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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Petroselinum (Greek, rock-parsley). Umbel-liferae. About a half-dozen European chiefly biennial herbs, one of which is cult, for its ornamental and edible herbage. Closely allied to Carum and Apium, with the former of which it is often united and from which it is chiefly distinguished by the greenish yellow fls. and broader incised If.-segms. Lvs. ternately pinnate- compound, the segms. toothed and cut: fls. in compound umbels with few parts to the involucre and several or many parts to the involucels, the petals with incurved points: fr. ovate and compressed, glabrous. P. hortense, Hoffm. (P. salivum, Hoffm. Carum Petroselinum, Benth. & Hook. f.). Parsley (which see). Erect, 1-3 ft.: lvs. ternate-pinnate, the lfts. ovate and 3-cleft (much cut in the "curled" garden varieties), the upper ones narrower and nearly entire: fls. yellowish. Old World. — Much cult., and sometimes runs wild about plantations. CH

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