Phalaris brachystachys

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Shortspike canarygrass
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Kingdom: Plantae
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Division: Magnoliophyta
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Class: Liliopsida
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Order: Poales
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Family: Poaceae
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Genus: Phalaris
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Species: P. brachystachys
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Binomial name
Phalaris brachystachys
Trinomial name
Type Species

This species of Phalaris was found to have the richest overall alkaloid content in the investigation of Phalaris species conducted by Festi and Samorini. It has also been reported (not by Festi and Samorini) to contain a very potent and clean alkaloid profile, consisting mostly, if not exclusively, of N,N-dimethyltryptamine. Originally from Portugal, this annual plant's growth habits and cultural requirements are similar to Phalaris aquatica. It grows most actively during the spring and fall, while resting during the heat of midsummer and the short cool days of winter. It also must be protected from heavy freezes.

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