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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Pinus mugo (Pinus montana, Mill). Swiss Mountain Pine. Very variable in habit, usually low, often prostrate shrub, sometimes pyramidal tree to 40 ft., similar to the preceding: branchleta usually of darker, brownish color: lvs. bright green, acutish, stout, crowded. 3/4-2 in. long: cones ovate or conic-ovate.3/4- 2 1/4 in long;apophysis often pyramidal; umbo light gray, surrounded by a blackish ring. An anatomical character in the lvs. to distinguish this species from the preceding is found in the cells of the epidermis which are of nearly equal diam. with a dot-like central space in P. sylvestris, but in this species are much higher than broad with a dash-like central space. Mts. of Cent. Eu. Gn. 30, p. 225. Mn. 5, p. 49. H.W. 1:5, pp. 140-3. M.D. 1912, pp. 141-8. G.W. 1,p. 351.—Handsome hardy low shrub with ascending branches densely clothed with bright green foliage; ornamental as single specimens or for covering rocky slopes and as undergrowth in open woods. A very variable species which has been divided according to the cones into the following 3 varieties or subspecies: Var. uncinata, Willk. (including vars. rostrata and rotundata, Ant., var. arborea, Tubeuf). Cone very oblique, usually deflexed; apophysis pyramidal, with often reflexed umbo. Often arborescent. Var. pumflio, Willk. (P. pumilio, Haenke. P. carpatica, Hort., var. frutescens erecta, Tubeuf). Cone regular, subglobose to ovate, before maturity glaucous and usually violet-purple, ripe yellowish or dark brown. Usually shrubby and upright. Var. Mughus, Willk. (P. Mughus, Scop., var. prostrata. Tubeuf). Fig. 2968. Cone regular, conical or conic-oval, with usually prickly umbos, not bloomy, yellowish brown before ripening, cinnamon-brown when ripe. Usually shrubby and prostrate. Gn. M.2:23. Var. aureo-variegata, Schwerin, has some of lvs. golden yellow. Var. gracilis, Schwerin, is a regular pyramidal form with lvs. 1-1 1/4 in long. CH

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