Plants for Wet and Boggy Areas

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Some gardens are in situations where they have bedrock not far underneath the topsoil, or have heavy clay, or some other reason for poor drainage, this means that, especially after rain, the soil is very wet. Many plants will simply not tolerate these conditions, their roots rot, and they die. If you're wondering what to do, adding something like gypsum to the soil will help break down the clay and improve drainage. Regular applications of well-decayed compost and/or animal manure can also help to improve heavy clay soils.

However, if you don't want to be adding vast quantities of gypsum to your soil, as it does cost money, then here is a list of plants that will tolerate those conditions. Obviously many of them will only be able to be found in certain parts of the world or only grow in certain zones, which can be found by clicking on the plant name.

Feel free to add to this list, either new plants or new common names. Also be warned that this is not a definitive guide, as much as we'd like it to be, there may very well be plants in here that can't cope with these conditions, if so, feel free to remove them, but please provide a reason in the summary for doing so!

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