Platanthera bifolia

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The Lesser Butterfly-orchid (Platanthera bifolia) is an orchid in the genus Platanthera, having certain relations with the genus Orchis, where it was previously included and also with the genus Habenaria. It can be found throughout Europe and Morocco. The name Platanthera is derived from Greek, meaning "broad anthers", while the species name, bifolia, means "two leaves".


  • Orchis bifolia L. 1753 (Basónimo)
  • Lysias bifolia (L.) Salisb. 1812
  • Habenaria bifolia (L.) R. Br. 1813
  • Sieberia bifolia (L.) Spreng. 1817
  • Satyrium bifolium (L.) Wahlenb. 1826
  • Gymnadenia bifolia (L.) G. Mey. 1836
  • Platanthera solstitialis Boenn. ex Rchb. 1830
  • Platanthera bifolia ssp. atropatanica B. Baumann & al. 2003
Platanthera bifolia, plant

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