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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Promenaea (named presumably after the prophetess of Dodona). Orchidaceae. A group of small herbs with the habit of odontoglossum but having leaves of paler green.

Leaves conduplicate in the bud: pseudobulbs evident: infl. originating above the annual leafy axis, 1-2-fld.; sepals and petals subequal, spreading, the lateral sepals forming a mentum with base of the column; labellum movably joined to the base of the column.—About 10 species in Brazil. It is one of the many genera formerly united with Zygopetalum. For cult., see Zygopetalum.

P. microptera, Reichb. f. Fls. 1 1/2in. broad; sepals and petals lanceolate, acute, light green; lip 3-lobed, basal half white with narrow purple bars, front lobe green; column pale green. Brazil. —P. Rollissonii, Lindl. Fls. pale yellow, the lip with purple spots; sepals and petals very acute; lip with lateral lobes ovate, acute, the front lobe oblong, apiculate. Brazil. CH

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  • Promenaea acuminata Schltr. +
  • Promenaea albescens Schltr. +
  • Promenaea catharinensis Schltr. +
  • Promenaea dusenii Schltr. +
  • Promenaea fuerstenbergiana Schltr. +
  • Promenaea guttata (Rchb.f.) Rchb.f. +
  • Promenaea lentiginosa (Lindl.) Lindl. +
  • Promenaea malmquistiana Schltr. +
  • Promenaea microptera Rchb.f. +
  • Promenaea nigricans Königer & J.G.Weinm.bis +
  • Promenaea ovatiloba (Klinge) Cogn. +
  • Promenaea paranaensis Schltr. +
  • Promenaea riograndensis Schltr. +
  • Promenaea rollissonii (Lindl.) Lindl. +
  • Promenaea silvana F.Barros & Cath. +
  • Promenaea sincorana P.Castro & Campacci +
  • Promenaea stapelioides (Link & Otto) Lindl. +
  • Promenaea xanthina (Lindl.) Lindl. +


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