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Abrus precatorius +seeds toxic  +
Aconitum +all parts  +
Aconitum carmichaelii +highly  +
Aconitum lycoctonum +yes  +
Aconitum × cammarum +toxic if eaten/harmful via skin  +
Acorus calamus +parts may be toxic  +
Actaea +all parts when ingested  +
Actaea alba +all parts  +
Actaea rubra +all parts  +
Adenium +sap poisonous if ingested  +
Agave +Some species juice cause rash  +
Alstroemeria +causes dermatitis if allergic  +
Amaryllis belladonna +bulbs if ingested  +
Ambrosia +highly allergenic pollen  +
Apple +seeds toxic, possibly leaves  +
Aquilegia +yes, see text  +


Blighia +apart from aril, the fruit is poisonous  +
Bloodroot +can be toxic  +
Bog-laurel +yes, see text  +
Bottlebrush buckeye +seeds toxic  +


Caladium +all parts  +
Calia secundiflora +all parts  +
California Buckeye +seeds slightly toxic  +
Cannabis sativa +can be psychoactive  +
Chinese Horse-chestnut +seeds slightly toxic  +
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