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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Prostanthera (Greek, to add to, and anther; referring to the connectives of the anthers being spurred or crested beneath). Labiatae;. Shrubs or subshrubs with resinous glands, and commonly strong-scented. False whorls 2-fld., axillary or borne in a terminal raceme; fls. often white or red; calyx campanulate, limb 2-lipped; corolla-tube short, dilated into a broad campanulate throat; limb 2-lipped; stamens 4, in pairs; anthers 2-celled, connective dorsally slightly prominent, often spurred or appendaged: nutlets obovoid and netted wrinkly.—About 40 species from Austral. Prop. by cuttings of young shoots.

Other species which have been intro. and sometimes cult. abroad are: P. denticulata, R. Br. Robust shrub: lvs. sessile or nearly so, broadly lanceolate to narrow-linear, with rigid bristles on the margins: fls. in distant pairs forming interrupted terminal racemes, lilac to purple. B.M. 7934.—P. pulchella, Skan. Subshrub about 1 1/2 ft. high, slender: lvs. subsessile, linear to linear-lanceolate: fls. with a lilac subrotate corolla, the tube white at base, dotted with dark purple at the throat. B.M. 8379.—P. rotundifolia, R. Br. Shrub, 3-7 ft. high: lvs. broadly ovate, orbicular or spatulate, entire or coarse crenulate: fls. in short close terminal racemes, purple. G.M. 58:147. F. Tracy Hubbard. CH

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