Prunus padus

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Prunus padus, Linn. (P. racemosa, Lam. Padus racemosa, Schneid. Padus vulgaris, Borkh. Cerasus Padus, DC.). European Bird Cherry. Very like P. virginiana, but has larger fls. on longer pedicels, in longer and looser often drooping somewhat leafy racemes: lvs. elliptic to oblong-ovate to oval, broad at base, abruptly acuminate, very sharply serrate, glabrous, the petiole gland-bearing at apex: fls. appearing a week later; petals 1/4-1/3in.long and twice exceeding the stamens: stone rough. Eu. and Asia. Gn. 53, p. 92. G.M. 44:209. G. 20:601; 27:269.—Common in cult, in many forms: Var. pendula, Dipp., drooping; var. variegata, Hort., in several forms, as aurea, aucubae- folia, marmorata, Alberti. Var. leucocarpa, Koch, has white or yellowish lvs. Var. bracteosa, Ser., has very large lvs. at the base of the racemes. Var. commutata, Dipp. (P. Grayana, Hort., not Maxim.), is noteworthy because it is one of the earliest of all trees to leaf out in spring. G.F. 1:295. Var. plena, Hort., is a double-fld. form. Variable in its foliage. Makes a shapely tree 10-20 ft. tall. Var. cornuta, Henry (P. cornuta, Steud.), of the Himalayas, has lvs. rounded at base and bluish green beneath with reddish hairs in the axils of the veins: pedicels and long racemes pubescent: fr. 1/2in. or less diam., the stone smooth. P. Laucheana, Bolle, is a hybrid of this and P. virginiana.


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