Prunus tomentosa

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Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture

Prunus tomentosa, Thunb. (Cerasus tomentosa, Wall.). Small compact but wide-spreading tree, or in Amer, a tree-like bush, the young growths pubescent-tomentose: branches close-jointed, causing the lvs. and fls. to be numerous: lvs. broad-oval to short-obovate, short- stalked, abruptly contracted into a short point, the margins incisely and sometimes unequally serrate, dull and rugose above, densely pubescent-tomentose beneath: fls. white as to petals but with bright red calyx and pedicel, small, sessile, usually 1 or 2 at a joint, appearing just before the lvs. or as the lvs. begin to unfold, from pink buds: fr. light red, globular, the size of a verysmall cherry, sessile or very short-stalked, sparsely hairy, eaten in Japan. N. China and Manchuria. B.M. 8196. A.G. 12:77. G. F. 5:581—A worthy hardy small tree, making a very dense top, and quite unlike most other cherries in appearance. On floral characters the species gives rise to many forms, 2 or 3 of which are in cult. Var. Spaethiana, Koehne. Fis. white, appearing with the lvs., and somewhat scattered on the branches, the petals about 1/5in. broad; calyx-lobes or sepals somewhat longer than the tube. Var. Graebneriana, Koehne, differs from var. Spaethiana in the large fls. (petals 1/3in. broad) which are crowded, and calyx- lobes about equaling the short-tubular calyx-tube. Var. endotricha, Koehne. Lvs. elliptic or oblong, 1-2 in. long, the petiole very short: fls. white, very abundant: fr. about 1/2in. long and nearly as broad, dark red, sparingly pilose.—P. tomentosa is hardy even in the Dakotas, and improved fruit-bearing races of importance are likely to arise.


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